General Tips For Computing

Since many of our team athletes are also students, then we thought we would put together a little article on bettering your computer’s performance.  As a student you’ll want everything to be in tip top shape, meaning you don’t want to be messing around with nonsense when you’re trying to write a paper.

1.)  Install good antivirus software!  This is number one because it’s so incredibly important.  Viruses, malware, Trojans, and other annoying programs can be installed on your computer without your knowledge.  Hackers are mean mothereffers and there’s often so many loopholes in Windows and other programs that the software can simply install itself or piggyback on other software. You can even have software installed on your computer simply from visiting a website!  It happened to me, and it can happen to you.

2.)  Keep unnecessary software off your computer.  This is related to number one in a way.  The less stuff you install on your computer, the faster it will run overall.  Also, this will prevent any viruses from sneaking onto your computer without your knowledge.

3.)  Tune up your PC.  If you want to speed up a slower computer, oftentimes tuning it up can help quite a bit.  This means that you need to get a software program that can sweep your computer free of any excess or duplicate files, extra registry entries, and other junk.  Another thing you’ll want to do is to defrag the hard disk.  Did you know that your hard disk can become fragmented, with different parts of a file or program scattered around on your hard drive?  This makes things take much longer when you need to access something.  Defragging the hard disk is a way of re-organizing those little pieces into one, making things run much faster.  A great program that can do all this is called RegCure Pro.  Here’s a great RegCure Pro review to get you started.

4.)  Add more RAM.  One of the best and most reliable ways to speed up an older computer or laptop is to add more RAM.  RAM is the physical measure of how fast a computer can run and how much it can do at one time.  Think of it as how big of a desk you have – the bigger the desk, the more projects and other things you can have out at once.  RAM is not super expensive, and with a few online tutorials you can install it yourself in no time.

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